Top 5 Sites To make money Writing articles

Top 5 Sites To make money Writing articles

Get paid per articles top 5 sites that pays for writing articles. Today we shall review top sites that pay you real money for posting articles on their platform.

1. Lodpress

Lodpress is a new site that pay users for unique writing articles and get paid. There is no requirement it’s probably the best around the list. Lodpress pay you form 5 to 15 dollars per view. There is no limit in number of articles you need to publish. Also lodpress has zero tolerance for copying and pasting from other site. Such as images and more


This is quite similar to lodpress also it pay users for writing unique content and free from Plagiarism. Articles must be free from Plagiarism to be approved by their reviewer.

3. Pejoweb

Pejoweb is a site that pay users for doing activities on their platforms. Users who signed up with them can add articles, files, ebooks and get paid for every engagement

4. Medium

Medium is old site that has been existing for years. It also pay users for creating catchy content free from copyright contents. Unfortunately medium has requirement you have to pass in other to qualify for sharing articles.

5. Owupress

Owupress is also a site that pay users for posting news contents, entertainment and health. Unfortunately you have to some threshold to qualify for posting articles

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